December, 2nd, 2013
Weather : fine

I went to major end, Arashiyama : Sagano end.

Due to weekday, I saw many old couples and Asian tourists.

Togetsukyo Bridge→Arashiyama Park→Hozo-in→Tenryuji Temple→the road of bamboo grove→Nomiya Shrine
→Jyojyakkoji Temple→Nison-in→Giou Temple

kyoto30   kyoto31

This river was flood on autumn in 2013, because of typhoon.

Katsuragawa River and Togetsukyo Bridge

2 months after, appearance was completely restored. It was great.
(I just watched the situation of flood on TV, at Zamami island.)

kyoto32   kyoto33

I took breakfast at the tea shop where I could see Togetsukyo Bridge.




This is very famous restaurant, “kichyo”, located along Katsuragawa River.
I won’t go here entire life…

The poster at the front of Hozo-in was too beautiful,
I entered here.
Here was the best or 2nd cleanest temple of this autumn.

kyoto35   kyoto36

The autumn and perpetual memorial tower were great.

kyoto38   kyoto39

An brook, moss, and autumn were the very pictures.

kyoto40  kyoto41



Next, I went to Tenryuji Temple.
The autumn had mostly finished.
And I think the season of cherry blossoms, here may be splendid.

kyoto42   kyoto43

kyoto44   kyoto45



Tracking of the road of bamboo grove, I went to café.

kyoto46   kyoto47

Seeing ground of autumn, I ate Matcha’s parfait. It was bitter and tasty—. (^―^) smile

kyoto48   kyoto49




After that, I went to Jyojyakukou Temple…. Here, the view from Mt. Ogura was beautiful.

kyoto50   kyoto51
When wind blew, leaves fell.
This scenery was speechless.

kyoto52   kyoto53




Then, I went to Nison-in, where was designated the poster of promotion of sightseeing Kyoto some years ago.


Here, garden and steps to upland were also fantastic.

kyoto55   kyoto60



I had some times to sightseeing,
and went to Giouji Templeat the end.
kyoto56   kyoto57

Here was famous for beautifulness of moss, but then moss was covered with fallen leaves.
However, it was also beautiful.

Finally, I ate Udon of Kujo-negi and duck.


As desserts, I ate rolled Matcha cakes and coffee.


Doing solo travels are becoming increasingly interesting!
I cannot qut.


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