Although I went there 2 years ago, now is the season of colored leaves and
I‘d like to introduce appearance and notable sites of colored leaves.

December 1st, 2013(Sunday)  Weather : fine

I went to Kyoto in X year.
Because in case of trips, my choice were Okinawa or southern islands.
In this time, I have to pay my husband’s ancestors a visit.
After that, I did solo travels of Kyoto.

① At first, I went to Nijo Castle・・・・I could feel an atmosphere of History anytime I went.
2013no1  kyoto2

One of the reason I like Nijo Castle is galley has nightingale floor.
kyoto3   kyoto4

Many tourists had a fitter dress one Kimono.
I felt it adorable that a foreigner man walked with small strides. (*’-‘*)

② I went to Ginkakuji Temple. The road of philosophy’s autumn had already finished.
kyoto5  kyoto6

Warabimochi…it tasted smooth and very good. (v^ー°)

There are many people at Ginkakuji Temple.

kyoto7   kyoto8

From upland…ceremonious GT toned in well with conifers little autumn.

kyoto9   kyoto10

I bought Kyoto-yaki at a stall.

It contains Shiba-zuke and Kujo-Negi and was very tasty. (v^ー°)

③ Colored leaves of Yasaka Shrine and Maruyama Park
kyoto12  kyoto13

→the road of Nene→Takadai Temple→Kiyomizu Temple

I planned to watch lighting-up of Kiyomizu Temple, but there were many people.

This is traffic of Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka.

My friend of FB told me that lighting-up of Takadai Temple was better than that of Kiyomizu Temple, and I went to Takadai Temple.

I got information it took more than 1 hour for purchase of entrance ticket.
So I got a ticket first, and 3 hours later, I entered smoothly.

But when I show my ticket, an attendant said this ticket was expired because it was already cut. o(TヘTo)

I said I never entered and I didn’t know such things, and entered in some wise. (*’-‘*)へへ

④ The lighting-up of Takadai Temple
kyoto15  kyoto16

A pond reflected scenery of colored leaves and Kiyomizu Temple.
It was truly fantastic. (・w・)

Then,I went to Shijo-kawara town and the restaurant of Obanzai.


Beer, amuse bouche, Oborodouhu, and Miso stew of Kujo-negi and pork.
kyoto18   kyoto19

Moreover, there were salad, tempura, and dessert. It costed 3,500yen.

→I planned going to hotel, but my smartphone’s buttery ran out. ( _ _ )……….
I didn’t know route and address of hotel….
Then I searched Starbucks Coffee and charged smartphone’s buttery at there.
It was convenient world.

Designated hotel, called ”ANTEROOM”
kyoto20  kyoto21

A residence hall was renovated as this hotel and it was very fashionable.
kyoto22   kyoto23

I feel the mood of lobby, bar, and spaces as “designated hotel” (^―^) smile
kyoto24   kyoto25

I took a juice at the bar where I could see inner garden.

kyoto26   kyoto27

I used coupon and could stay 3,000yen/day.
Pretty satisfied!! (^―^)

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