Cambodia : Siem Reap → Japan

There are some ways to go to Siem Reap, Cambodia from Japan.
For instance, via Bangkok, Thai / Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam / Yingcheng, Korea…etc.etc

I chose the way of Bangkok, Thai and stayed 3 days in Bangkok.

The reason I chose Bangkok were…

① I love Thai food very much, I eat Thai food biweekly.


② My colleague asked me to research holdings and condominiums in Thailand.


I joined the person who manages consulting of Japanese company in Bangkok, and I’d like to see holdings the person bought recently.


I didn’t have money to buy the holdings, and just banter the person.
So, we strolled Chinatown.


Therefore, this article’s contents are just a sightseeing and an eating bringe.

It took 1hr from Siem Reap to Bangkok.

The hotel I chose this time was…
Triple Two Silom Boutique Hotel, located Silom Road, Bangkok.
no7_02   no7_03

The area of room was 40㎡.
Above all, it was rangy and comfortable.
Businessman may use there as workspace.
I’d like to work in such rooms of each countries in the future・・・・(*^。^*)

no7_04   no7_05

Bathroom was also rangy and comfortable.
no7_06   no7_07

Phat Pong Road of night market, Convent Road of food stall are located near the hotel and I could enjoy shopping and food stall.

According to guidebook, globally famous nightlife mecca is also located near.
no7_08   no7_09

Here is Thaniya Road, where is similar to Japanese nightlife district.
There are many Japanese sign.

When I walked street, gee men guided male tourists.
I also saw many Japanese middle-aged male tourists.

I glanced at a noisy store and saw barely-clothed women were dancing on stage….

Eventually, such barnyard world still exists nowadays and each countries men go to there planning tour. Thinking about written above, I had a terrible bad feeling.


Changing the mood, I went to food stall.
no7_10   no7_11

I ate Khao Man Kai I like very much. The price was 200 Yen(the rate was increased compared to 1year ago.)

I ate Khao Man Kai and Tom Yam Sehn at the food stall in Silom Village Trade Centre.

no7_12   no7_13

May 17th
I planned to see holdings and condominiums in Bangkok at first,
but changed into going to Chinatown with Bangkok-residing person.

In May 16th,
「subway, MRT, Hua Lamphong station, near EXIT 1, at the escalator, about 17:00.」
the person sent e-mail to me.


This is first experience to ride trains and meet at the exit of station.
I don’t have a cell phone and I couldn’t ask station staffs because I can’t speak English.

Reduce to Japan, come to Toyosu station from Shinjuku station.

Ripping off past, I never want to take a taxi!
So I made connections seeing “Globe-Trotter Travel Guide Book” on my own.

When I confused buying tickets, a passerby woman bought tickets together. Thanks!

Finally, I arrived meeting point behind 5minutes.

Walking about 10 min from there, we went to Yaowarat Road.

I saw some shrines.

no7_15   no7_16


The back street of Chinatown
According to time here is very crowded by shopper, but it was quiet then because of a day off.

Foods made at the back street were pretty tasty.
Rice is in Saltiness Thai soup.

Fried kang kong was excellent…( no pictures )

Chinatown was little dubious but vigorous place, filled lived-in feel.
I wouldn’t go there if I was alone.

Next is the edition of sightseeing of floating market, where I’d like to go in Thai.


日本語訳:タイ・バンコク 観光編(5月16・17日)

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