This is the hotel I stayed.♡
Chez Moi Suite & Spa

no2_11   no6_21

The hotel is four-story, which has 10 rooms.
This hotel also has pool, restaurant, spa, and tap.

no2_12  no6_22

I can eat meals and drink something…

Becoming this age, finally I experienced things I saw in movies before. (*^。^*)

no6_1   no6_2
Asian noodle as a breakfast was pretty good.  And at the lunch menu were Asian curry and freshly squeezed mango juice.

May 15th, my son went back and I went to the town of Siem Reap.
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The kitchen of Old Market… Many odors were mixed.

no6_5   no6_6
Meats, vegetables, fishes…

no5_10   no6_7
I thought odors of fishes were heavy.

no6_8   no6_9

At the bench of Siem Reap river, drinking mango juice, I caught my breath.
This river runs the central of Siem Reap.

I was hungry, so took lunch.
I gave myself up to this soup…vegetable soup.

I went back to hotel once, and went to the town at night….

no6_11   no6_12
At night, Siem Reap river was neon-glittering.

no6_13   no6_14

Old market→Night market→Pub street

There were many Westerner.

I ordered Angkor beer because I came to Cambodia (^^)!

no6_17   no6_18
There were fried-rice like rice and summer roll.
I could not order more, such amount was limit. (;_:)
In May 16th I watched sunrise at Angkor Wat early morning, and went to Bangkok, Thailand.

no6_19   no6_20

Siem Reap is cubbyhole and antiquities and shops blend nicely.
If you trip of three days and two night, you will do sightseeing major places.

I think Siem Reap is very attractive town.

Next is sightseeing edition of Bangkok.


日本語訳:シェムリアップの町 観光編(5月15日)

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