May 16th, weather: fair

The people who belong to community of tourists in Angkor Wat, Cambodia,
do something and be impressed surely.

The thing is…
Watching sunrise at Angkor Wat !!


I thought watching that may be once-in-a-lifetime, so made order to front desk of the hotel, and chartered tuku-tuku half a day.
The date was May 16th, 4:30 AM, when was the day I left Siem Reap.

It took 30 minutes to main gate of Angkor Wat,
going through parky morning forests.
Still the moon was in the sky.


5:30 AM: The sun rose by degrees, and Angkor Wat also turned red.


Sunlight also rose.


The sun rose completely.


There were many people watching sunrise.


They filled around the pond.


After sunrise, they dismissed.


6:00 AM
I went to back of the forest using tuku-tuku without going back to hotel.

It took 10 minutes from Angkor Wat.


★Ta Keo
I think here is not a major place and usual tour does not go here.

There are stone stairs, moreover, there is no rails!


I ascended this stairs like lock climbing.


no4_11  no4_12

Because of early morning, there were two persons, me and a German tourist.
When we ascended, a local person came and began to explain kindly.

He said to take some pictures of us.

Although I also listened kindly at first, language was English and I could not understand and took some pictures on my own.
Then, he became kind to only a German tourist and I left behind.

I thought that I had to pay some chips later, and left forwardly.
After that, I did sightseeing by myself.


★Ta Prohm

Here is a famous place, used film shoot.
It took about 10 minutes using tuku-tuku.

East pylon of Ta Prohm


no4_14   no4_15
Morning sunshine filtering through foliage was beautiful.

Here is filled by people normally, but few people were here then because of early morning.
So, I could do sightseeing in a relaxed way….


no4_16   no4_17
Here is exposed to active erosion of banyan trees and be preserved primary forms, which here was discovered.

In here, a local person also began to explain kindly and do sightseeing together.

Then I said firmly “Guides, no thank you.”

He left obediently.

When I beat my chest, the sound echoed.

no4_19   no4_20
Here is famous where shot the movie “Tomb Raider”



Compering to Angkor Thom, here was different because I saw roots of huge trees entwine ruins.
It was a sight to see and mysterious place.

And I went to last place of this sightseeing.

 ★To Banteay Kdei
I watched ruins walking in the forest.


When I did sightseeing between each ruins, I overwhelmed huge ruins made of stones.
But now, watching photographs with guidebooks,
I feel that mysterious atmosphere…

Next is sightseeing of Tonle Sap
I felt something was wrong in here.

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