May 14th, weather: fair


Taxis and tuku-tuku are transportation ways from Siem Reap to Angkor Wat.

But for my son lives Bangkok and Battambang said those ways are expensive.
He also said rent bikes as his transportation ways, and travel freely.

We went to rental bike shop which managing French and rent electric bikes.
(Frenches advocate eco.)


It costs 40$, duration are 48 hours.

Because of electric bike, it costs little high and charging is needed.
In case of be out of charge, it can move pedaling….
Is this bike edition of Japanese E.V.?
no3_2   no3_3

We paused briefly at the juice shop in front of the rental bike shop.

Here is typical Southeast Asian juice stand. Such stands are around every corner.
Raw fruits are squished using juicer on site… 1.5$ (150 Yen)/ fill.
no3_4   no3_5

Because in the temperature of the forest of Angkor Wat is cool, riding bike feeling the wind is pretty comfortable.

From postern gate (east gate) of Angkor Wat.
no3_6   no3_7

Because here is not a front gate, there is a little people.


To central chapel ascending steep stairway….


I felt fear when I imagined descending here. (>_<;)


Angkor Wat is surrounded by forests.

no3_11   no3_12

These are famous relief theater at the first ambulatory.
These relief were based on mythology of India and Hindooism.
These were graven to pass down King’s dignity and religious teaching, in the age when common people could not read characters.

no3_13   no3_14

To the front of Angkor Wat.


It was a sight to see!!


May 15th, weather: fair

I went to Angkor Thom.

I went to south gate, where is main gate of Angkor Thom.
I was impressed to see the statue which is the motif of “Samudra manthan”.
I was excited.

no3_17   no3_18

Angkor Thom is larger than Angkor Wat, and grove of big pagodas at each corner is mysterious.

In my opinion, Angkor Thom is more impressive than Angkor Wat.

no3_19   no3_20

I was impressed by depth of ambulatory.


Guanyin was a sight to see.


The large tetrahedral pagodas had a tremendous impact.
no3_23   no3_24

I moved to Baphuon walking about 10 min from Bayon.


This temple was dynastic central, AD 1060.


Here also has steep stairway.

These are ambulatory and relief.


The top-down view was splendid.

no3_29   no3_30

The pictures of “Terrace of the Elephants” and “Terrace of the Leeper King”


I got tired from walking and using tuku-tuku to the place I put bike.

In this time, I did not employ guides and did sightseeing reading a guidebook.
I was not crunched for time and free,
but I thought there were many sites over my head or overlooked. Because I am unstudied in History.

In next time, I ambitious to go here, applying for local tour with interpretation.

Next is Angkor Wat sightseeing edition (part2).


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